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What are Microsoft’s Ideas For a New “Modern” Operating System?

December 20, 2018

Microsoft Corporation remains a credible international technology company. The company is renowned for its reliability in providing technology solutions which range from developing, manufacturing, licensing, supporting and selling computer software, consumer electronics, and personal computers and so on and so forth. In what seems to be an evolution from the giant company’s operating systems, the company’s vice president of consumer and device sales, Nick Parker brought out a number of pointers as to what consumers ought to get from a windows operating system. Read on to have an idea of what he pointed out.

Safety by default and Multi –sense interaction

The operating system should be different from the one in present ones. This is in the sense that the computer itself should be separate from the applications. This compartmentalization enhances protection of the users. This is a way to stay safe from the common malicious attacks as the can easily be blocked. On the other hand, there will be more input methods. These include a pen, voice, touch and gaze. This is amazing compared to the usual keyboard and mouse only.

Constant Performance and A set of Enablers

The device is meant to be ready for use. It is to be used at the very instance it is picked up. This wipes out the worries of the condition it is left in such as worries of having to leave it with a full battery in case one requires to use it the next time. In addition to that, a set of enablers will come in handy to ensure that updates are done in a seamless manner. This is a dream come true for many users as will be able to continue with their usual stuff while updates are being done at the background. Picture being able to continue to swipe on a dating app like bumble, while you are updating your os. This is convenience taken to another level as interruptions will be a thing of the past.

Well Connected Devices and a Group of Delighters

The modern Operating system is to have Wi-Fi and LTE 5G incorporated in it. This will eliminate all worries over dead spots. This is because all devices will be well connected to each other and aware of it. This will contribute to great convenience. In addition to that, there will be a number of delighters. These ones are meant to bring a more human touch in the operating system. They are cloud connected experiences using computer power. Such experiences will be powered by AI. With these, the modern operating system will be able to make predictions on what one’s activities are for the next day.

The modern OS seems to be the next big deal at Microsoft. This is so especially with the convenience that is expected to come by with the inception of the modern OS.The implication for apps are huge. With the explosion of dating apps, casual dating apps, and meet and fuck site apps dominating both desktop and mobile devices, the need for flexible operating systems becomes increasingly important. In addition to the above features, the ultimate in form factor agility is meant to give a sensor support as well as posture awareness. This will promote the breadth of innovative form factors and applications provided by the partner ecosystem.