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Ubuntu OS

UBUNTU (distinctly pronounce it as ‘oo-boon-too’) is considered to be the best Linux Distro. UBUNTU, Canonical Limited sponsored, is OPEN SOURCE, and FREE. It is invitingly easy for beginners. UBUNTU, the word is derived from the Zulu language of South Africa, and can be translated as ‘Humanity to others’. UBUNTU has been designed to be used on PCs, Servers, and Core for driving Robotics and IoT (Internet of Everything) devices. UBUNTU is derived from Debian. UBUNTU in the original version employed GNOME (GNU Network Object Model Environment), a GUI (Graphical User Interface) and a set of Desktop Applications for Linux. The ease of use of GNOME makes Linux very easy to use for beginners and non-programmers alike. This is similar to the Windows interface for Desktops. We now take A look into Ubuntu operating system.

Background Data

UBUNTU is an Open Source Software Operating System that runs from the Desktop to the Cloud and to all necessary Internet connectivity. All the editions can run on the computer alone, or in a virtual machine. It was developed by Canonical and initially released on October 20th 2004. Its latest release was on October 17th 2019. The Package Managers are GNOME Software, APT, dpkg, Snappy and Flatpak. It was initially licensed as Free Software plus some Proprietary Device Drivers. Its Kernel type is Linux Kernel, and the Programming Languages are Python, Java, C, C++, C#. LTS (Long Term Support), currently released, are supportive for five years and are released every two years. Present version is UBUNTU 6.06. Each release is given free support for nine months, with Security Fixes and High Level Bug Fixes. Canonical and Mark Shuttleworth launched the UBUNTU Foundation creation On July 8th 2005. A preliminary fund of 10 million US Dollars was provided, and the Foundation’s objective was ensuring the development and support for all futuristic UBUNTU versions. On March 12th 2009, UBUNTU proclaimed Third-Party Cloud Management Platforms Developers Support. This support is used by Amazon EC2. Since UBUNTU 17.10 replaced older versions, GNOME 3 became UBUNTU desktop’s default GUI. However, any further development for UBUNTU Phone and UBUNTU Tablet and on Convergence will be ceased by Canonical. This has given us A look into Ubuntu operating system.


  • UBUNTU does not need to be installed. So the User can take his Os and all his best files lock, stock and barrel to another PC, and work from it as a personal belonging.
  • UBUNTU can be customized entirely. This allows Users to personalize almost every single element of their UI/UX. Starting from pop-out styles, to fonts, from notification sounds to system animations, every inch becomes Customizable. Windows, even the “10” version, falls far short of UBUNTU.
  • UBUNTU is high Security. Of course, UBUNTU is not targetted because of its share in the market, but even stubborn malware and Trojans can be taken care of.
  • UBUNTU suits Development.
  • UBUNTU can be updated without Restarting. This is extremely convenient for people who work by contract, on hour basis. The time taken to update can become significant source of loss to them, and others dependent on run-time, such as Consulting Bodies.
  • UBUNTU’s Command Line supports BASH that makes working on development environments, servers and local files much easier.
  • Window Tiling is supported by UBUNTU with Managers.
  • UBUNTU is much more Resource-Friendly than any Windows OS, even the latest. Not being able to afford high-end laptops will not stop the less wealthy amongst us to be able to use their old work-stations far longer.
  • UBUNTU is OPEN Source. This access to Source Code allows innovators to create the developments which would otherwise be very costly, or even unreachable.
  • UBUNTU is FREE! So many people who want to use computers can’t afford it, but UBUNTU makes it affordable to run an efficient OS, as well as numerous developed applications. Poor people occupy a substantial percentage of the world’s population, but cannot go to proper schools or afford a decent education. So the poor remain poor. Yet knowledge is available everywhere. UBUNTU makes sure that the poor do not remain deprived, but can aspire to the peaks.

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